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Presentazione del libro SHAHIDI ASIYEKUSUDIWA ed incontro con l'autore Gianrico Carofiglio



Presentazione del libro SHAHIDI ASIYEKUSUDIWA ed incontro con l'autore Gianrico Carofiglio

SHAHIDI ASIYEKUSUDIWA - versione Swahili del libro “Testimone Inconsapevole”

Gianrico Carofglio lancia la versione Swahili del suo libro "Testimone Inconsapevole" all'IIC di Nairobi

The Italian Institute of Culture

is honoured to host the


book launch (in English) and meeting with


Gianrico Carofiglio


author of the book



(Swahili version of “Testimone Inconsapevole” [Involuntary Witness])


at the Italian Institute of Culture

 on Thursday, 16th October 2014

at 7.00pm








The book: Shahidi Asiyekusudiwa

(Swahili translation by Graziella Acquaviva)


The story of a Senegalese hawker accused of the murder of a child. Clues and evidence nail the accused. His fate in court is marked by the lack of resources but also by the encounter with the lawyer Guerrieri whose fight to save the protagonist recovers his own will to live.


The author’s message is based on the conviction that dialogue between men of different nationalities and cultural origins is possible.  It depicts the meeting point between two worlds, two cultures that defeat the related prejudice to achieve a sense of truth together.

The long descriptions of the environment pass across a realistic image of our Italy and the African reader would be able to get in touch with the thoughts and perceptions of life as it is understood by a common Italian, represented by the character of the lawyer Guerrieri, with all his problems and his reflections.






The Author

Born in Bari (Italy) in 1961, Gianrico Carofiglio  worked as a Magistrate in Prato, a Public Prosecutor in Foggia and later he carried out the duties of Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Direzione Distrettuale Antimafia in Bari.   On ceasing the period of parliamentary work he decided to exit the judiciary to devote himself full time to activities as a writer.

Carofiglio began in the narrative with "Testimone Inconsapevole" followed by 8 other novels published between 2003 and 2013.

In addition to writing novels, Carofiglio has also published stories and essays. He has already received 14 Italian awards.


Data: Gio 16 Ott 2014