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Duo Jazz Italiano



Duo Jazz Italiano

con Luigi Bozzolan (piano) e Eugenio Colombo (sax, flauto)

Concerto di Jazz

The Istituto Italiano di Cultura


requests the pleasure of your company at an

Italian jazz concert








Eugenio Colombo (sax & flute)

Luigi Bozzolan (piano)






at the  Italian Institute of Culture

Michelangelo Hall

on Thursday, 23rd  September 2010

at 6.30 for 7.00pm.


Entrance free






Eugenio Colombo (Sax & Flute)

Luigi Bozzolan (Piano)


The expansion of private and domestic entertainment in recent years has accelerated greatly. Humanity, not only in the West, is reached and receives musical information through the TV, PCs, IPods, etc., wherever one is, in the house, in the car, out for a walk in the middle of nowhere or in chaotic traffic.

Sounds tell us of public entertainment, the only conceivable means up to a few decades ago. They talk to us not only about concerts, theatre in its various forms but also about cinema. They deceive us into reacting to de-individualization processes by taking refuge in a sphere of individual interests that we consume in our free time, very often when we move from one place to the other.

The lack of dialogue between closed and isolated spectators and the absence of contact between whoever does and whoever receives are the pivots of subordination to the dictates of production.

The elements of our repertoire, starting from a common interest for jazz and improvisation, are based on the lost world of musical theatre, but also on the elements that constituted those sound archetypes that are oral traditions.


gather - put together - resume - welcome -recover - protect - enwrap - congregate -meet in a place - collect the fruit of the land -concentrate - reflect


1. raccolto di primavera (Spring harvest)

2. raccolto d'estate (Summer harvest)

3. raccolto d'autunno (Autumn harvest)

4. raccolto d'inverno (Winter harvest)



Original compositions, elaborations from popular, jazz and

 traditional classical materials


E. Colombo and L. Bozzolan






The musicians



Saxophonist, flautist and composer Eugenio Colombo was born in Rome in 1953. Self taught, he began his career improvising in a variety of musical genres and composing music. He has composed for solo instruments, saxophone quartets, string trios, Pig band and brass band with improvisation soloists. He is one of the founder members of the Italian "Instabile Orchestra".

He performs with numerous artists such as Giancarlo Schiaffini, Giovanna Marini, Demetrio

Stratos, Misha Mengelberg, Bruno Tommaso, Cecil Taylor, Martin Joseph to mention bu a few. He teaches saxophone at Frosinone's Music Academy.






      Pianist and composer Luigi Bozzolan was born in Rome in 1978.

He undertook his classical academic studies at the "Francesco Morlacchi" Conservatoire in Perugia (Italy) and obtained his Bachelor's degree in Jazz from the “Licinio Refice” Conservatoire in Frosinone (Italy). Currently, in Sweden, he is specializing in Improvisation at Gotheborg’s "Artisten Academy of Music and Drama".  

 In 1998 he started his teaching and concert activity in Italy, Europe and the world over (Morocco, Cameroon, Gabon, Germany, Slovak Republic, Poland, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Perù ).

He has recorded two CDs: "Sud America" with Eugenio Colombo and "Tre Tempi in Movimento" on solo Piano





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