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La Biblioteca


La Biblioteca



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• Monday and Wednesday from 09.30am to 04.00pm.
• Tuesday and Thursday from 09.30am alle 04.00pm.
• Friday from 09.30am alle 02.00pm

The Institute library is comprised of some 6000 mainly Italian books of varying genre, 300 videos,170 DVD's and various publications which topics range from art, literature, music, philosophy and theatre through to science, politics, history, geography, religion and archaeology. 
Owing to the fact that these publications are sent to the IIC not only by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome but also from various private and Governmental institutions world-wide, the Institute library is literally an invaluable treasure trove of information be it for work, study or personal fulfilment.

Whilst quite comprehensive, the library database is continually being upgraded with our regular and ongoing stream of acquisitions including books, local and international periodicals and modern encyclopaedias. The updating occurs through the acquisition of recent publications, consignments on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Cultural Activities and Heritage, and private donations.

In addition to all the printed media made available, the Institute is also in possession of a video and DVD collection.

Members and students of the Institute may borrow books for a period not exceeding 20 days, though these may in turn be re-borrowed upon request


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Opening hours
Monday to Friday 09:30-02.00pm (until 19.00 on the days when Italian language courses are active in the evening)

The Italian Institute of Culture may not be held liable for any infringement and / or breach of Copyright Laws and Regulations perpetrated by the borrower of such materials.
Publications borrowed remain the property of the Italian Institute of Culture at all times