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Gli Eventi



Gli Eventi


A place of dialogue and exchange between Italian artists and intellectuals and their African counterparts, the Institute occupies a foremost position in Nairobi’s cultural life.

The rethinking of the Institute’s cultural programming was undertaken from the beginning of this 21st century and coincided with its re-launch on the local cultural scene… a new prestigious positioning that coincided with the move to the current premises.
Since then, our programmes appear more oriented towards forms of co-operation with the local cultural framework than with mere promotion of our cultural product. Other than ensuring new greater visibility to our operations than in the past, this policy has allowed a strong change in users now characterized by a huge presence of young natives. This is a new audience that looks at our country and its culture with renewed interest. They now avidly frequent the Institute not only to participate in our programmed events, but drawing useful information on Italian culture through the access to the book and media library.
An area of dialogue with the host country’s culture, cradle of projects that provide for creation of contemporary works characterized by a mix between Italian and African contemporary creativity, centre of teaching of our language, the Institute will obviously not omit to respond to the resident Italian and international communities’ expectations. This, in no way small band of users, has warmly welcomed the move to the new premises and has expressed great satisfaction with the re-launch of its activities. In a country so far from Europe, the Institute in fact constitutes an important point of reference for all so-called “expatriates”.
Finally, hinting towards the content of our programmes, it is also necessary to underline that the “events” in which it is articulated, besides those that are part of co-operation projects, has been thought in such a way as to compensate for the lack of local programming in that field that opens to that European culture which is not of Anglo-Saxon origin.
Equally distributed between the various cultural sectors, the dates with Italian culture mainly concern cinema (ours being still insufficiently known and not distributed at all in the local commercial circuit), many of the scenic arts – among which excel dance and visual theatre, music, visual arts (markedly with the invitation of artists in residence and with the organization of exhibitions of well-known Italian artists whom have found in Africa their main source of inspiration) and literature through the hospitality accorded to Italian writers.
While every year the Institute itself programmes about thirty events, it also collaborates continuously with major local cultural institutions and with other EU cultural institutes on the programming of international events and festivals, thus supporting an Italian presence in the same. 

Calendar of events

The Calendar of events  is arranged into specific windows containing all relevant information on each event. It is possible to activate searches on past programming by selecting the date, category, titles and particpants of the various cultural events.

External events

In the External events section we note cultural events with an Italian theme organized locally by other institutions without the participation of the Institute.

Events in Italy

The window Events in Italy offers a brief summary of the principal events currently planned in Italy in the cultural domain. 



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